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Smile Designing in Jaipur

It is a group of dental procedures that enhances smiles and overall facial appearance. It also improves dental and gum health and eliminates diseases of the oral cavity.

With age, our smile tends to lose its charm due to mobile/lose teeth and overall wear and tear. Smile designing aims to prevent and even reverse this natural aging of a smile.

Steps involved in Smile Designing-

  • First, we develop customized cosmetic goals according to your current smile and underlying dental problems, if any; via examination and comparison with old photographs
  • Accordingly, we will judge the for either porcelain Veneers and /or aesthetic crowns for existing teeth and aesthetic replacement of any missing teeth.
  • Some cases may need multiple implants or implant-supported dentures
  • Some smiles may also need gum-related treatments like depigmentation, gum reshaping, etc
  • In some cases, teeth maybe whitened or bleached.

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